Monday w/Mike….The Deal ~ Exactly What Escrow Entails!

Happy Monday! It’s an exciting season in the world of anything & everything real estate. Just ask our team of hosts and trusted advisors ~ busy is good and it means opportunity is abundant for buyers, sellers and homeowners! Join AM 1220 KDOW Host Mike D’Ambrosio today at 3pm PST as he takes you behind […]

Global Citizens…In The World Of Anything & Everything Real Estate | 3pm | AM 1220

Friday is here…and the world of anything & everything continues with a national perspective as our good friends Bobbi & Buddy return! Our experienced world travelers and trusted advisors from Today Sotheby’s International Realty, Bobbi Decker & Buddy Saupe, are joining me for an engaging hour on global citizens. We’ll kick off the hour at 3pm PST by […]

Home Technology Trends | Implications For Consumers & Prospective Buyers

How many devices do you currently have on your desk? What does your home office look like? How many platforms does your work, and even home life, depend on everyday? How truly integrated is your lifestyle..and what does it mean for your home? Join James Stout, Chief Concealment Officer at The Integrated Lifestyle, today at […]

Is Your Home Lived-In & Well-Loved…For 20 Years…?! | Misconceptions & Missed Opportunities Today w/Mike & Laura On RE360Radio

Happy Monday! It is an exciting fall in the world of anything & everything real estate ~ and with the holidays upon us, the comforts of home are at the forefront of our minds…how about you? Today on RE360Radio, Host Mike D’Ambrosio welcomes guest Laura Pesavento for an engaging and entertaining hour on living in […]

Real Estate Ethics, Standards & Industry Accountability To You | Welcome Rick Smith

Happy Thursday! It has been a busy week in the world of anything and everything real estate! Today we are excited to talk about a subject that is critical to consumers no matter what the market climate, and no matter where you live. Standards. Did you know that real estate agents are held to a […]

Accessing Home Wealth Without Incurring Debt | Today On RE360Radio

You have probably heard the latest statistics that home values are back to 2005 levels. That’s great news…and in today’s edition of Real Estate 360 Radio, we will explore how your home wealth can truly work to your advantage. Nope…it’s not a home equity line of credit, it is not a reverse mortgage…and it does […]

LIVE RE360 Radio Broadcast From San Pedro Square Market | Today!

It’s that time again…once a month we take our LIVE weekday program of Real Estate 360 Radio out into the community and follow it by 2 hours of networking & appetizers! I hope you can join me this afternoon as I welcome back two local real estate experts, team leaders, community supporters and all around […]

Mike & Cindy’s Top 5: How To Avoid Being A Home Horror Story

It’s an exciting week here at Real Estate 360 Radio! We always say that the world of anything & everything real estate does not exist in a bubble, and the same is true for our team of hosts who make the program possible. Just in case you haven’t heard…our Monday RE360Radio Host has an especially […]

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